Artist Development

Aimed at singers, singer songwriters and musicians wanting to further their talent. Our certified training is designed to explore the talents of the individual, develop technical and performance skills, style, image and accumen required for todays music industry.  Competition today is fierce and self management is essential to success.  Our masterclasses and individual sessions will develop artists creativity in a vocational environment nurturing each unique performer in their chosen genre.

1:1 Personal Development

Individual Treatment
  • Tailored Personal Development Plan
  • Your Own MD
  • Showcase Opportunities
  • Create Your Demos
  • Creative Development
  • Business Development
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Learn with others
  • Training from Industry Specialists
  • Certificated
  • Network with others
  • Career Opportunities
  • Online Resource Portal
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Here at the music study we aim to assist talented artists into the music industry.  Knowledge is power but it’s also about who you know in the industry in order to get where you want to be.  You could be the best musician or singer in the world but if the right people are not hearing you then your never gonna get anywhere.

The Music Study support artists by providing with a platform to develop.  By developing skill sets in both the business and creative nature of the business artists can develop their talents into a career.

We are creating a community of artists, labels, writers, producers, engineers and industry specialists.  We are bringing like minded people together to work with each other but more importantly to develop alongside each other.





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